Anush Semerjyan – art as a passion

April 17, 2009 by Armine Tadevosyan

Anush Semerjyan

Anush Semerjyan is an Armenian fashion designer based off of Los Angeles. Upon receiving her bachelors degree from The Art Institute, Anush started her clothing line ANUSH DESiGNS in 2008. Her line mostly features t-shirt designs which include both trendy and Armenian culture inspired Graphics. Her drawing and painting background inspires her to elaborate her love for art into her fashion designs, thus making her a unique designer. One of Anush’s greatest accomplishments was becoming an author at the age of 21 when she published her Men’s Fashion Illustration book, MALE MEN.

Anush Semerjyan was born in Armenia on November 21, 1985.

Her family and she moved to Los Angeles when she was only five years old. She first started drawing puppies and cartoon figures and soon was placed into an Armenian Art Class. Although she went to art classes, she developed her skills by herself when she started being creative with her work, and drawing human figures.

Since art was going to be a career for her, she lost in touch with education. Yet, when she came before the Art Instruction Schools (AIS) in Minnesota, she developed fundamental skills and was informed that without a high school diploma, her future would not be successful. She was motivated to earn her high school diploma and began submitting her artwork to many contests. She earned a Bank of America Award in Art, several merit awards in art, and won an Annual Finalist Award in a competition at AIS.

Kevin Costner: Pencil on Paper By Anush SemerjyanFurthermore, in 2004, she received a Certificate in Fundamentals of Art when she completed her studies from AIS. Alongside AIS, she also attended high school and advanced her talent by designing the logo on her Senior Class Shirt, designing a Winter T-shirt for the school basketball team, and was voted Most Talented amongst her senior class. During high school, she began to familiarize herself with oil painting, acrylic, gouache, and charcoal. Her work further developed when she employed pointillism and cross hatching in her drawings and paintings.

After high school, she enrolled in the Art Institute and began her studies in Fashion Design. Her work was extremely superior; therefore, the institute gave her a position as a lab insrtuctor for Fashion Illustration, Drawing, Construction, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Singer SAKO, t-shirt by Anush SemerjyanShe enrolled in a Talent Contest at her Institute and won the award for her exquisite portrait-painting of herself , and her two siblings. Her portrait of a eighth year old boy was chosen to be featured at the Artiface Gallery Show.

Afterwards, she decided to collaborate her love for drawing and illustration into one piece of work by publishing a book of her own. She first initiated her work by sketching male figures and elaborating them with fashionable clothes, masculine poses, drapery, and colorful tones via Adobe Photoshop. In 2007, Anush Semerjyan’s Male Men  was published and ready for sale.  In 2008, she completed her studies at The Art Institute by receiving a Bachelors Degree with a 3.9 GPA.

Anush Semerjyan resides in Los Angeles with her family and considers art to be a passion, career, and a hobby.


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