November 30, 2010 by Armine Tadevosyan

“Fashion Road: Dialogue across Borders” is a two year collaborative project through which fashion designers from Armenia and Europe will look into the past for ideas and inspiration. They will study traditional costumes of Armenia, UK, Germany, Romania, Denmark and Czech Republic, explore the role of those costumes in contemporary society, and how people associate those costume with their national identity and heritage. Key to this project will be for the designers to view clothing in a cultural context and use modern technologies and approaches to present their interpretation of the countries’ culture and identity.

The British Council has already started the recruitment of the Armenian fashion designers. Armenian designers will be selected through an open competition on merit bases. You can find information about the selection criteria and processes here.

The project will be officially launched in May with an international seminar followed by the residency programmes in Armenia for the European designers and in Europe for the Armenian designers. The designers will be paired to work together to prepare their collections which will contextualise the cultural heritage, values and traditions of the participating countries which they explored during their residencies. The collection will be put into an exhibition which will be launched in Yerevan and tour in 4 regions of Armenia and in the participating European countries.

The collection prepared by the designers will raise understanding and appreciation of European cultural values and identity among the Armenian public as well as the Armenian cultural history and heritage among Europeans. It will also serve as a forum for discussions about the importance of cross-cultural cooperation and exchange as well as the fusion of cultural traditions and heritage with modern trends and technological developments for more creative and innovative approaches in fashion.

The project received the support of the European Union through the Culture Fund.

For the first time members of EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) – the British Council, Goethe-Institute, Institutul Cultural Român, the Danish Cultural Institute, the Czech Centres will implement a joint project in Armenia. The partner in Armenia is the Armenian Fashion Council.


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