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Armenian Fashion Council

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Member of Armenian Fashion Council
Brand: Shadoyan

Kevork Shadoyan is an Armenian fashion designer from Syria born in Aleppo.

After graduating from High school he moved to Beirut Lebanon and graduated a 3 years program from a French design school called “College Artistique de la Mode Moderneā€. Afterwards he worked with famous Lebanese designers and participated in a folklore fashion festival.

Armenian Fashion Council
Armenian Fashion Council
Armenian Fashion Council

He was invited to Saudi Arabia and assigned to create a Saudian princess dowry.
After his return to Aleppo he started earnestly to create wedding gowns and formal dresses.

At the same time Kevork shared his talent as an art teacher for 4 years at the “Karen Jeppe Armenian College” and through that period he encouraged young Armenians and organized several exhibitions.

In 2002 he moved to Yerevan to fulfill in his fascination for traditional folk-art.
He continued his studies in the “Fine Arts Academy of Yerevan” where he specialized in the history of Armenian dresses and graduated with high honors to get Masters Degree in Textile.

Kevork has participated in several fashion shows and art exhibitions in the United States, Lebanon, Syria and Armenia.
He has created Armenian wedding dresses in modern style, combining the old ornaments with modern cuts.

Nowadays he makes dresses for famous artists in Armenia.

Kevork took part in Pret-a-Porter Yerevan fashion shows event in November 2006 with his fall-winter 2006-2007 collection.

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