About Council

Armenian Fashion CouncilArmenian Fashion Council (AFC) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization, that aims at promoting Armenia’s fashion by advancing the status of fashion arts as a part of Armenian culture and as a business capital for the country.

The Armenian Fashion Industry is in its primary level of development. As the opportunities for designers grow and they face difficulties for development, there is a need for such a council in Armenia. Fashion Councils or Associations exist in all the primary fashion centers of the world. There are to support this very expanding and profitable industry.

Armenian Fashion Council aims to provide a platform for Armenian fashion designers will represent their interests, help addressing the changing needs of fashion industry, enhance its growth, and promote Armenian made fashion design locally and internationally.

The objectives of AFC are:

  • Institutionalization of events: The council will work towards development and institutionalization of the professional fashion events in Armenia.
  • Branding Armenian made fashion: It will work towards promoting individual designers and the whole industry and create a support for Armenian fashion to integrate internationally.
  • Networking: The AFC will create a network and link its member designers and related governmental bodies, retailers and manufacturers for mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Financing: It will look towards building funding and investment schemes to support and finance its members.
  • Education: The Council will educate its members on all aspects that make up this growing industry, as well as work as an interface between fashion education entities and the industry
  • Database: It will create and maintain the database of member designers, fashion related entities, issues and events.
  • Awards and Scholarships: To support the professional improvement AFC will set-up an award system or scholarship in various fashion related fields.
  • Standardization: It will professionalize the pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear) fashion industry, by developing a system of standard norms for all member-designers. These could include sizing norms, accounting norms, labeling norms, etc.
  • Fabric sourcing: It will find mechanism for easier and better sourcing of trim, fabric and other materials.
  • Resource Centre: It will conduct researches, surveys, market trend analyses, catalogue the collections of designers and share all this vital information with its members.
  • Policy issues: It will address tax, customs, transportation and legal issues representing its members before any government related bodies and international organizations, as may be deemed necessary.
  • International exchange sharing: It will share the information and expertise; create mutually beneficial linkages with similar councils across the globe.
  • Entrepreneurial development: To support the set-up of new fashion business and to improve business skills, it will run entrepreneurial development programs