Obama was inspiration for Black Vogue Italia issue.

July 25, 2008 by fakfashionspot

Don’t you just get tired of this people? Black models have been around for eons and now the agencies are inspired because of Obama? Stupid is as stupid does, isn’t it?  In Paris, there are endless statues of Nubian princesses and now Obama is the inspiration for thinking black women are beautiful?

Do these people expect to be congratulated for throwing a one-issue bone to black models?

FRANCA SOZZANI, editor of Vogue Italia, has revealed that US presidential hopeful Barack Obama was the inspiration behind the magazine’s already-legendary July 2008 “Black” issue, which features only non-white models including Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Liya Kebede.

“America is ready for a black president, so why are we not ready for a black model?” Sozzani says in an interview with Reuters. “I was in America on Super Tuesday. Of course it influenced me in a way – it was part of my general idea.” And you are so proud of yourself, aren’t you? Even though you all gave in to that injustice for the longest time.

And if Obama does not win? Do the black models go back into model purgatory?

Black women and women of other ethnicity’s have always been beautiful, it was society who could not deal with their kind of beauty. They have always been voluptuous, with full lips and thick hair. Society dictated that was not the norm and decided the white ideal was the norm.

The blonde, bland, homogenous, cookie cutter kind. The kind that looked like it came out of a factory, the kind of beauty they could accept and the kind they found non-threatening. The models that did not detract from the clothing, you could not avoid that with the ethnic models. There was something just too amazing about them all.

The edition – a sell-out success – also featured interviews with Obama’s wife Michelle and Edmonde Charles-Roux, who quit as editor of Vogue Paris over a decision not to use a cover of black model Donyale Luna in June 1966. And its impact is already being felt throughout the industry, with the demand for black models rising.

“I know that they’re already asking for more for shooting and I know that already some are thinking to use more even for the shows,” Sozzani says – adding that she, too, is one of the ‘converts’: “I don’t want to say every issue, every story should be with black girls, but we should have more,” she muses.

Yeah, Sozzani, you did okay but this should not even be an issue to discuss in 2008. Its just a reflection on how messed up the world truly is. There should be models of ALL races, Black, Asian, Latina, European, Aboriginal, Native Indian, everything. Beauty should and must transcend race. by vivre magazine


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